Code Enforcement: Complaints


The Code Enforcement office is located in City Hall at 2355 Trane Rd., Bullhead City, AZ  86442.  To file a complaint you may come into our office, you may talk to a staff member by calling (928) 763-0190, you may send us a fax at (928) 763-0131 or you may contact us online using our BULLHEAD CITY DIRECT system.

Complaint Based Enforcement

Complaints: The nuisance regulations, property maintenance standards, zoning regulations, and other city codes enforced through the Code Enforcement Division are enforced on a complaint basis. This is designed to encourage resident, neighborhood association, block watch or other City department participation in the enforcement process.

Anonymous complaints will be accepted with the following exceptions:

  • Illegal commercial business complaints;
  • When past complaints for the same alleged violation on the same property have been found to be invalid on two or more occasions within twelve months; or
  • In situations when a street address is not provided.

Complaints in the above categories will require that the complainant provide a name and contact phone number. This is to assist the inspectors in conducting a thorough and efficient investigation of the complaint.

When a property complaint is received, the City will respond in the following manner:

  • Two Business Days: If the alleged violation is not a potential health or safety hazard to the neighborhood or neighbors, the City will respond with an inspection within two business days of receiving the complaint.


  • Immediate Inspections: If the alleged violation concerns a potential imminent health or safety hazard to the neighborhood or neighbors, inclusive of open/vacant buildings, fire and/or health hazards, unsecured pools or other health and safety hazards, the City will respond with an immediate inspection.